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Our Family Business

My mom and Dad established Professional Grade Tree Care in 2001, servicing residential and commercial properties in San Diego. A high percentage of our business is from recommendations and existing customers. We personally serve our clients, My dad personally does the Estimates. While I set up appointments and is out in the field. We work anywhere from Otay Mesa to La Jolla and even out to Santee.


Pruning is when you selectively remove branches from a tree. The goal is to remove unwanted branches, improve the tree’s structure, and promote new healthy growth. In pruning we remove dead or dying branches, aswell as crossing branches allowing room for new growth. In Pruning we also tend to reduce a tree’s size to protect your property and passerby from damage, such as clearing a pathway, driveway, windows or if the tree is just too big for it’s location. It also reduces pest, animal infestation and most importantly promotes a Trees natural shape.


    Removals can be dangerous and should not be tackled by someone not familiar with tree removal. We specialize in removals from residential to commercial properties. Our priority is to assess the site and take note of buildings, electrical lines and the area surrounding the tree. We will consult with you on the safest way to remove the tree based on its age and health. We will go over the type of equipment that will be needed to handle the tree carefully. We have all of the necessary equipment to ensure that your removal is done safely.

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Stump Grinding:

    A stump grinder is a device that can come in and effectively take out a stump, as well as some of the surrounding roots. Stump removal can be just one of those challenges for a homeowner, not really knowing what to do. Stumps tend to be removed for ascetics, as they are not pleasant to see, the roots can also continue to have sprouts which can be a problem in the yard. Stubs also decay and can draw diseases and insects. Once a stump is gone, our customers often use that area to lay lawn or plant something new. If you’re laying lawn in this area, then four to six inches should be enough to get the stump out.

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